THENATTYBROFESSOR’s reply to that will be, “No ……you can’t……., not unless you undergo liposuction.” For those of you who are not familiar with the term “spot reduction”, spot reduction is basically the idea that an individual can CHOOSE which areas the body burns fat just by targeting that specific area with specific exercises. We have all seen that person at the gym who performs countless amount of sit-ups or crunches in hopes of losing abdominal fat, but to no avail. Let me explain why……..

The body draws fat molecules from various regions at different rates depending on each individual’s genetic make-up. What these means is that the areas that the body holds onto fat last varies between individuals. Yes, I have to burst the bubble some of you might have about losing fat. The only way that an individual can specifically choose which areas he or she wants to lose fat, is through surgical means. Though some individuals might claim that they lost fat at a particular region after training it, this lost might actually be due to the increase in exercise or training (burning calories).

*THENATTYBROFESSOR FYI: Men tend to store fat first in the lower abdominals, sides of the waist and lower back. Women tend to store fat first in the hips, upper thighs and tricep area*

Even THENATTYBROFESSOR wishes that spot reduction was possible. That would eliminate the problem of “stubborn fat” that everyone (even me) faces. Beware, the market is full of companies looking to scam uninformed individuals with bogus claims on having topical creams or fitness equipments that help individuals to spot reduce. These advertisements are often very persuasive, and even quote scientific studies or testimonials from “success stories”. But the reality is that these sources are usually not credible and funded by big bucks.

Save your money for more useful purposes. 1Want to know the real way to lose fat? Hard work and patience people!

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Cheers and #StayAlpha